Credit industry insider reveals...


Fast Credit Repair

Fast Credit Repair


How to create an Alias & new credit file


..... get yourself an excellent credit rating in minutes - for a fraction of the cost credit repair companies charge!



Credit RepairOh boy... if the repositories knew I was sharing this, there'd be a contract out on me. no kidding. So I'm not going to tell you my name. Sorry. I plan on living a bit longer.


This is closely-kept information that I'm party to because I've worked in the credit industry for over 15 years. I've helped thousands of people start over with their new credit file.


Normally credit repair companies charge between $1500-$3500 for the same thing I'm about to show you. Isn't that outrageous! Why pay these sharks when you can easily do it yourself for less than $60?


I've spilled the beans in this very detailed manual called -


"Repositories Exposed - do it yourself fast credit repair with a new credit file"


- based on the same manual that I issue to all my employees.


What exactly is a 775 Credit Score?


Do you know what a "775 Credit Score" is? That's what the repositories call "excellent credit". That's what you want, and I can help you get it.



Fast Credit Repair


You either searched for a "new credit file", "fast credit repair", "alias credit file" or "credit repair" and found me. That means you understand the tremendous money people are charging for this service. Like I said, they typically charge thousands of dollars.


Even my business charges around a thousand dollars to repair your credit. But it's a bit hard to find that kind of money if you're broke isn't it? That's why I've decided to release this information so people can do their own credit repair at an affordable price. Actually I should say "a bargain price". This instantly downloadable manual outlines every detail how we've created thousands of new credit files. It's really very simple.


"Fast Credit Repair" and "Alias & New Credit Files" will never be searched for again after you read this manual. How nice will that be?


There is no magic button or special software needed, only knowledge and a full understanding of how your credit is actually stored in the repositories database.


This is exactly what we give you in the manual, a 7th grader could read this information and create the file; you’ll have no problem at all. We mention that because many people get nervous that they’ll mess something up if a PRO doesn't do the work. Trust me, a PRO is not needed, only a detailed manual outlining everything. A manual that my team and I use every day. It's more like a...


Credit Repair Workshop Manual


When trying to create a new credit file, there are only a couple ways to do it and most of which are illegal and should never be used. The files we create are 100% legal and will be confirmed by any attorney in the Nation.


You will be using your birth given social security number, actual date of birth, but you will be instructed to change a couple other pieces of information, in an exact order that will make the file legal and keep the repositories from reporting bad credit on your brand new credit file


Fast Credit Repair


You will have to get a legal name change, but noboby needs to know this. The new name stays between you and your new creditors, don't make it personal. You can never run from your birth given name, so you will never lose this identity, you are simply GAINING another one and I walk you though all the steps.


Even the movie stars do it


Almost every person in the movie business does this. They are rarely known by their birth name but yet they are able to create a new identity and create credit with it. They've been advised by high powered and expensive attorneys and understand the value of this, and soon you will too. But guess what - it's not gonna cost you thousands. Just $60.


Is this legal?


Everything is 100% legal and can be used to obtain:



I mention these places because if your file wasn’t legitimate and legal, you would never be able to get approved for them. If you were using an EIN or a CPN number in place of your social security number when applying, they would know right away and notify you that you have committed fraud. You don't want that!


Who else wants fast credit repair?


As I've said, I've helped thousands of people repair their credit rating and get a new credit file - with a "775 credit score" - the mark of credit excellence, and I'm certain this Credit Repair Manual will help you too.


Generally there are two types of people that are searching fo this information:


1. Somebody that has bad credit because of any number of reasons





2. People who are looking to know the tricks of the trade and start this type of business on their own, which is great, we just implore you to be ethical and honest. This information has the power to change people’s lives, don’t take that responsibility lightly.



Downloadable manual


Whichever you are, the search is over and the solution / information can be found below for less than $60! You read that correct, LESS THAN $60! It’s a downloadable manual that you will be directed to after payment with Paypal is complete. In the manual you will also receive an email address and a Q&A forum in the event you have any questions that need to be answered. We take great pride in promptly answering every email and question.


Due Diligence


Also, you should know your rights under the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is good information to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of when it comes to credit reporting.


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is another very informative piece of information pertaining to how a creditor can collect their money from you under the law.





New Credit FileI want to leave you with an additional bonus. Here's a huge and detailed manual on how to build business credit for any corporation. This is the exact manual that we have trained our processors with over the years. You will be able to build a business to have credit scores high enough that no personal guarantee will be needed. This is a value of more than $2,000, the cost others charge for the service. You get it today ABSOLUTELY FREE!



Change your financial standing Today





If for any reason you follow every letter of the manual to a "T" and cannot get yourself a brand new credit file as described, we will do the file for you! If for any reason we cannot complete it either, due to something you did, we will refund you 100% of your purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

p.s. - call a few credit repair companies and ask for a quote. You'll be horrified at what they charge!